Hesem provide industrial equipment for production of the factory. Hesem’s engineer will survey, design and quote for equipments  customers’s requested. With a team of professional design engineers and years of experience, we are confident to serve more customers’ expectations.

When you need any equipment that serves your work is not available on the market or have to be imported from abroad. Please call us to solve your requirements with the lowest cost and the least time.






Designed serving contains rusting steel, scrap steel, heat resistant bricks, glass …

Size: according to requirements of customer use. Shuttle Forklift, Crane .. poured scrap cranes, forklifts.

Structure includes 8mm to 16mm steel plate, steel V50 very solid fit for heavy work.




Designed semi-automatic (auto-grip) serve as electrodes pick up the broken furnace in steel.

Working conditions: 1700 °

Ability to clamp 2 tons

Size: Depending on the type of electrode used.

Moving, gripping by crane.

Structural steel plates including 40mm, 26mm chain, Mani, chain connection …



Moving a refractory bricks have a larger volume of container 50kg bricks in the oven is a tough job, take the power of the workers and potentially dangerous (very slippery tiles)

Designed semi-automatic (auto-grip by gravity) for pick up the refractory bricks in maintenance

Working conditions: normal temperature

Ability to clamp 50 to 500 kg

Size: Depending on the type of brick used.

Moving, pick brick by crane.

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