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HESEM Precision Machining factory specializes in multi-axis machining with a wide range of materials. To help you better understand 4-axis CNC machining, we would like to introduce 2 types of 4-axis CNC machines available on the market as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. From there, you can choose the right processing technology for your product.

I. What is 4 axis CNC machine?

– As we all know, a 3-axis CNC machine is a computer-controlled machine tool that can control the cutter to move forward in the X, Y, and Z directions.
cnc machine coordinate system– By common convention, if the axis of motion rotates around the X-axis, it is called the A-axis, the axis that rotates around the Y-axis is called the B-axis, and the axis that rotates Z-axis is called C-axis. CNC machine manufacturers may change the axis order definition for their own purposes. In this article, we will follow the general convention.

– So:  4 axis CNC machine is a computer-controlled machine tool that can control the cutter to move in the X, Y, and Z directions and rotate around 1 axis in 3D space. With this addition, the 4-axis CNC machine has hidden contour areas that the 3-axis CNC milling machine cannot process.

II. What is 4 axis machining?

4-axis machining is the operation of controlling 4-axis CNC machines for cutting and cutting to create products.
In this article, we replace a 4-axis CNC machine with a 4-axis milling machine

III. Type of 4 axis CNC milling machines

1. Vertical 4 axis CNC milling machine

This is the most popular 4 axis CNC milling machine today. This is essentially a 3 axis machine with a rotary table mounted in the X-axis or Y-axis direction. Usually, if there is a rotating head, it will be placed along the X-axis direction to have more working space. We can add rotary support on the opposite side to make a rotary table. If there are multiple rotary heads, they must be placed along the Y-axis direction due to insufficient travel.
Brother 4 axis cnc machine
CNC milling machine with auxiliary spindle Brother S500XD1
4 axis CNC machining
4-axis CNC milling machine with two rotating heads HAAS HRT210-2
– The advantage of this machine is compact, similar to a 3 axis CNC milling machine, so it is easy to operate and install. Upgradable from 3 axis CNC milling machine to CNC machining milling machine 4 axes by attaching additional control drivers and spindles. This work can be done easily. If there is no need to use the 4 axis rotary head, we can remove it to save space for machining.

Metron 4 axis cnc machine
Mectron MTV-T452W. 4 axis CNC milling machine

2. Horizontal 4 axis CNC milling machine

– This is a pre-designed 4 axis CNC milling machine from the manufacturer. 4 axis CNC machining specialist.
– Due to the horizontal head structure, this type of machine is specialized for mass production. There is no need for someone to stand guard because when machining, the chip falls out of the machining area due to gravity.
– This series of machines can design more pallets to attach many workpieces to run in batches. At HESEM we have the A55 horizontal 4 axis CNC milling machine with 8 pallet changing tables and 100 tool holder slots. Specializing in production job. Makino A55
Makino A55 4 axis cnc machine
4 axis CNC milling machine
– In addition, this machine also has the advantage of drilling and machining long parts that normal vertical CNC milling machines cannot process due to the Z travel limit.
– The disadvantage of this machine is that it is more difficult to install, set up, and program 4 axis machining than the vertical 4 axis CNC milling machine. Not familiar with the Vietnamese market.

IV . Conclusion

– With the above sharing, we hope to be able to help you understand the types of CNC 4 axis milling machines as well as the applications of each type. Need advice on product machining technology or need us to quote 4 -axis CNC machining? Contact us now for a consultation and a quote

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