We will offer the right solution for the design and installation of piping systems with a large volume and complexity with high accuracy. In all cases, the design team of Hesem are working on a 3D environment to avoid errors, collisions pipeline.

Quality assurance:

1. Our team of experienced engineers: All Hesem engineers are engineers with many years of experience in industrial installations. They are retrained through the training process at the company ensure uniform quality of design engineers, project supervision. Company often organize meetings collected experience and share experiences to each other, work experience of each one increases exponentially. The system of regulations, the company’s process is extremely tight to make all employees are aware of the work you’re doing, stay focused on the task to avoid many errors which affect the quality of works.

2. Our team of skilled welders: All of Hesem welders have all the certificates (3G, 4G, 5G, 6G) and training company in accordance with the company’s training. All welders must pass the tests of endurance, ultrasound, chemicals … before joining the project.

3. Design and installation on a 3D model: The work is done by Hesem designed 3D models when quote so the costs incurred will reduce significantly. Accessories, sidewalks, sanitary maintenance plan … designed, simulated restrictions omissions arising after the completion of works. It also helps the investors, workers and monitoring the work is easy, not through 2D drawings.


4. Quality control process: When executing any work, Hesem are checking the quality of the works often based on a predetermined process. This helps the project management and company leadership can control the quality and work progress at any time. Check the pressure, shooting welds, chemical … also in this process. Each part of the project is to ensure the quality when completed without waiting for the completion of all projects.


Work Safety: In any situation we are placed on the top criteria. Occupational safety tasks are all employees Hesem very high sense. This is the criteria for evaluating the first employee of the company. And this is also an important factor in the success of the project.






Project information : Water factory Thu Duc

Address : Thu Duc Ward, HCM city

Iterms : Drainage system

Year : 2015



Project information : Boiler pipe factory fodder, food

Address : Mekong Delta

Iterms : Boiler pipe

Year : 2011 – 2016

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