1. 100%perform our commitment: This is not only our commitment but also the core values of Hesem. All the Hesem members understand the huge significance in the development process of the company. This is the first ethical standards in Hesem culture. We understand that, in some cases, keeping the commitment is very difficult due to the objective conditions and costs will increase, but we promise to do best we can.

2. Absolute confidentiality for our partners: In the outsourcing industry, confidentiality of information is top priority. All our employees must learn from Hesem lessons about confidential regulations and professional ethics of the company that specify the cases of information confidentiality violation. A security system has been installed in our computer system, which allows information to be closely examined. All our employees work off line (there are online computers used for independent lookup) to avoid outside attack from the internet.

3. High Quality Manpower: With Hesem’s special recruitment and training methods, we are confident to provide our customers with the most qualified engineers to meet our customers’ requirements. We constantly evaluate work based on KPIs so our product quality is always under control. Thanks to statistics and cross-training process, our engineers’ levels of knowledge are similar, that helps utilize the experience, solution or service forthe whole group.

4. The price is just 50% cheaper compared to that of hiring workers with the same skills and experience in your country: After research and careful calculation of costs required for an employee, we offer the most reasonable price that helps you save 50% labor management cost and reduce the pressure of management, then you will have more time to focus on developing new products and attracting more customers. And this is also a sufficient condition for us to organize the best team for your company.

5. The long-term sustainability and risk control for our clients:

1. Manpower: We have a team of manpower reserved for different positions. When there are changes in our staff or when they are not appropriate for a task, we will find alternative engineers within 1 week to ensure the progress of the project.

2. Long term sustainability: When you employ an individual for a position, there is a high risk of that employee quitting suddenly. When cooperating with us, we ensure to perform our commitment. This is our company mission. We understand that if we want to survive and grow we must find ways to bring our clients the best values.

3. Management: Maybe you’re wondering if your employees are working efficiently? If so, there is no need to worry because we always work with plans, daily detailed reports via server or ftp site. Our customers have been very satisfied with this.

4. Our work: The group of engineers working in Vietnam are selected from very experienced members who always support each other. Product quality is controlled regularly by the group leader. To ensure the stable quality of Hesem employees, we regularly get feedbacks from our customers and then adjust our work constantly.

5. We do not become competitors of our partners: This may be a problem that makes you wonder. However, we pledge not to implement projects directly from your partners .