HESEM Company was formed on March 14, 2011, by the combination of a group of mechanical engineers who graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education. This has given HESEM a strong foundation of expertise in the mechanical field. We always strive to improve and upgrade this strength every day.

     In the early days of establishment, we focus on providing solutions specializing in mechanical fields such as product design, making technical drawings, and CNC programming. Customers are mainly CNC shops in the USA.

     At the same time, we also made precision parts and molds. We plan to fabricate, order outside factories to machine and send engineers to supervise and check product quality.

     In 2015, HESEM established the business of designing and manufacturing steel structures for Companies in Vietnam.

     In 2016, HESEM established a mechanical workshop specializing in precision machining to serve Japanese and American Partners.

     In 2019, we transform the steel structure design and fabrication team into a team specializing in product research and development. Our solution is to use a resource of experienced engineers in design, fabrication technology, and precision machining workshop to develop prototypes. Then we manufacture in small quantities to overcome problems related to production, assembly, packaging … When this phase is completed, we will cooperate with investors, distribution channels to bring products to market.

     At present, for the CNC machining workshop. The team focuses on the application of experience and technology to process details in quantity with the motto: ensure quality at competitive prices.

    For the product design division, we had products to supply to the market. During this period we continue to seek more ideas, good solutions, and investors to create products that bring value to consumers and society.

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