Vision: Be a important key in the global supplier chain.

Mission: Create real value for the client, employees and the society through 5 criteria of business activities and enterprise culture.

  1. Human: Human is the center of business production: All activities of the enterprise are to create products serving the civilized and healthy life. 
  2. Economy: Create products with high intellectual quality based on the technology and technology development. Contribute to the economic development in general of the industry and the society.
  3. Society: Develops enterprise culture to create a strong group with progressive spirit, unity, fair competition and high awareness of community.
  4. Environment: The enterprise culture is founded to protect environment through campaigns and all business production activities of the enterprise and related people.
  5. Morality:  is the decisive factor for quality of all activities in the society. Hence, in every activities of the enterprise, should take the morality criteria to be premise. Create all real values of the enterprise.
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