• Input materials and semi-finished product management procedure: to ensure that input materials comply with customer requirements and standards. Eliminate the possibility of a material mix-up between orders.
  • Change control procedure: This process ensures that the data at HESEM is always the latest update from customers. All employees are trained to use the correct data from input, processing, testing, and packaging.
  • Product control procedure: all stages of the production process are streamlined into a complete process by us. At a specific production step, employees know exactly how to ensure product quality and reduce risks.
  • Supplier Management procedure: We have scorecards for supplier evaluation, as well as a process for selecting suppliers who meet the requirements of the manufacturing process.
  • Inspection and test procedure: we consider process control the key to eliminating risks for Customers and HESEM. All production stages are inspected and recorded. We want to be sure that the product is correct at every stage of production. The final inspection helps us to ensure that the products reach the customers and meet the requirements. We accompany customers in the production process so that customers can understand what stage their products are in the plan, what problems are existing products, and how to solve them. Avoid detecting problems at the final inspection or delivery to the customer.
  • Packing and planning procedure: This process ensures that products at HESEM and at the Customer are the same, without problems arising during shipping. The related documents are delivered correctly and entirely according to the requirements of the customer.

machine shop ISO certification in Vietnam

CNC Machine ISO 9001


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